The AA Crew are now fully back together after Bill’s recent adventures in Taiwan with Stewbacca and Military Anny, and our thanks go to all at G&G ARMAMENT for giving them a truly wonderful experience at the 2023 CQB WORLD CUP!

But now we’re 100% back to business as usual, and beavering away to get ISSUE 156 ready to go live on 15 NOVEMBER!

That means that everyone is back on it full-speed, and Bill told us that “it’s amazing to think that just two weeks ago I was in Taipei, literally the other side of the world, but this week I’ve been back in the office behind my screen again! I’m looking forward to this weekend as I can get back out onto the woods range to complete my testing of the CYMA RAPID STRIKE but I’m excited too as I think after my trip that 2024 is going to be a HUGE year for gas platforms, and I’m looking forward already to getting some BBs downrange with the G&G MGCR 556 GBBR!

One thing I also saw on my travels was the prototype SR47-syle GBBR from RA-TECH (pictured), and this looks awesome as well; it’s GHK-based but other than that I don’t know much more right now other than it’s a thing of absolute beauty… I can’t wait to get one of these in my hands and give it some proper rangetime… watch this space for updates!”

Miguel checked in to tell us that “this weekend we are hitting our field for a practice with a couple of teams, in preparation for the DYSTOPIA, which will take place next week” whilst Stewbacca reported that “Team TaiJi have just had their own MilSim last weekend and a lot of people seem spent after that and many of us have home obligations to deal with. I have something quasi-related to airsoft but not gameplay to take care of over the next few weekends, then it’s another CivDef pistol fundamentals course, then it’s MOA again already. So I might not be on the field again for a month, but I will have lots of exciting things and news to come in the new year!”

Dan told us “I’ll be hitting up our Veterans Day game, and putting some more mileage on the Arcturus Vityaz and maybe a bit on the F90 though I only have the one mag to tinker with. This is also likely the last game of the year before winter fully kicks in and airsoft grinds to a halt (how I miss having an indoor arena!). We sometimes get a snow game in past that, but with the distance and road conditions being typical awful, I’m usually less inclined to travel to those…”

Boycie is, well… being Boycie, and as he and L’il Stu make their preparations to head to SHOT 2024 he sneaked into our weekly chat and said “I’m meeting with a guy to discuss a lot of <REDACTED> things (yes I said it again hahaha!)…”

As we head towards Remembrance Day here in the UK we’d like to remind everyone to pause for a moment in their busy days and games to remember those that gave their all for us, and we hope at fields everywhere this will happen. With this in mind, we hope that you haven awesome weekend of airsoft, and as always we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all, especially this weekend, Play with Honour!