The pace is pretty brutal at AAHQ right now as we prepare for another 100-page, free-to-read issue on the 15th, and as always everyone is hard at work… even those that are allegedly “on vacation”!

There’s a lot lined up for Issue 153 including the RED CELL interim report on AA SBRs and big LEGION reports from both Bill and Stewbacca; we’re very pleased to have as our “image of the week” a pic of Team Taiiji’s Sky Chung taken by Jerry Wu at the POLK 3 MilSim in Taiwan which will be covered in full when the new issue drops; our sincere thanks to Jerry for some awesome supporting photography for this!

But what of this weekend? Well, Bill, Jimmy, and Ben are putting together their evaluation of the production version of the VORSK VMP-1 that’s been the talk of the interwebz during the last month… Bill told us that “Were seeing the VMP-1 everywhere tight now, and it seems like it’s exciting players and retailers as we’ve seen regular posts from both during the last month!

Of course Airsoft Action has been reporting on VORSK’s project since the outset, and we know already that there’s more to come… but as usual we’re sworn to secrecy on this! Suffice to say that Jimmy, Ben and I will be bringing you our own AA-style lowdown on this platform as usual!”

Stewbacca is back to things “Practical” and said that “this weekend, I will be mostly not on the skirmish field but instead shooting in a mall; don’t worry, it’s a legit competition! Our good friend Clarence Lai has been working with Taiwan Shooter’s Union and numerous other local organisations and teams to bring “steel challenge” style stages to this year’s return of the “Ding Ding Cup”, so I’ll be competing there this Sunday, and Anny will be helping me out with event photography and interviewing the organisers in their native tongue once again.

I’ll be running my recently repaired CLPD Shadow 2 as my pistol of choice, and the RATech Noveske N4 10.5″ GBBR for the rifle stages. So, look out for that report in an upcoming issue!”

Again, our thanks go to the organisers of the “Ding Ding Cup” for the super Certificates of Appreciation given to AA, Stewbacca, and Anny for our intended coverage of the event; we are truly humbled by such recognition!

And business goes on as usual as Miguel tells us that although he’s one of the AA LEGION members “on vacation” right now, he’ll be involved in “field prep and maintenance”; as we now know airsoft fields in Portugal are largely run and maintained by the teams themselves, so Miguel and The GHOST’s are using their “downtime” wisely!

Boycie as usual reported that “I’m going to be finishing up an article for ALM and then giving the GBBR formerly known as <Redacted> a run out, along with the Umarex G19X with added <Redacted> accessories…” and L’il Stu chimed in to say that “well, isn’t that just <Redacted>… I’ll be <Redacted> with <Redacted> and doing some <Redacted>!”

Sorry, not sorry, this joke is going to run and run… and we hope you find it as funny as we do!

So, time to wrap it up for another week, and we hope that your weekend is as full of airsoft as ours will be… just remember, it’s collectively OUR world of airsoft, and ALL OF US need to be sure to play to our best, wherever we may be in this fabulous global player community”


So, as always, Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!