Weekend spotted… time to hit the airsoft GO BUTTON again!

The weeks are absolutely buzzing by now that summer is with many of us, and of course that also means more airsoft games and more big events taking place all over the world! While we cannot possibly cover everything, everywhere we’re very pleased that more and more of you out there are making contact with us to let us know what’s going on in relation to airsoft where you live and play!

The AA LEGION was always meant to be about speaking directly to players around the globe, and to highlighting airsoft in all its forms… and this continues to grow! The core team reports in regularly of course, but as AA’s reach grows, so too does THE LEGION, which in turn allows us to feature even more games and airsoft adventures that we hope you enjoy hearing about as much as we do!

But, business as usual again! Bill has been raving on about the CQB course he attended last weekend with the excellent team from FAST TACTICAL and extolling the commitment of all the players he met on the course which hell write up for ISSUE 153 next month, but he tells us now that “it’s back to the range for me this weekend as I need to really put in some time with the G&G FAR 556 and SGR, and I’m starting to work up a very cool “417” from Golden Eagle too! I may be dodging showers again, but hey, in those immortal words… if it ain’t raining, it ain’t training, right?”

Further afield, our Deputy Ed Far East Stewbacca will be “mostly shooting back at the Yangmei CQB indoor/outdoor site. I’ll likely take the VFC FAL along and put rounds on paper there like I did with the PSG-1 previously before giving it a major overhaul as it nears the end of its first year. New full steel outer barrel, new extended tightbore inner barrel to install and an NPAS already fitted like the PSG-1, so, final grouping check before the barrel and HOP changes. Also want to give it a thorough going over and fix the sear issue and lock it to semi auto only when I get inside it. I also have a cool new laser boresight insert thing to try out to that end too, and again I’ll probably take the RATech Noveske N4 GBBR along for a spin as well because it’s just too much fun to put down…”

Miguel is back out and reported that “it’s time for our last game before hitting the summer holidays! So we are going to one of the fields that we normally use to take part in some small games with a handful of teams, some simple games just for the fun!”

Ben said “I’ve booked this evening off work to go play a night game at the Citadel CQE, possibly with my new VMP-1… and then I’m gonna chill over the weekend and get some much needed rest!”, whilst Boycie told us that “a new airsoft product arrived, so I will be fitting it to my GBBP and then will start a test to see how I like it!”

And to round things out, Dan commented in our chat that “the final remainder of the internal upgrades and the handguard for the second MP5 NGRS just arrived this week, so my main goal this weekend is to get that to 90% completion so it can be test fired and checked for velocity and proper function and range. I’m just waiting on the replacement stock to show up still, but I’ll be able to just slap that on and box it up. The SD6 version turned out fantastic, so I’m optimistic this will turned out just as good, but lordy, if it hasn’t been an ordeal gathering everything up lol!”

So, that it from us again for another week as just like all of you we mag-up and gas-up in readiness for our own airsoft adventures! For those of you dealing with the current heatwave, take care and HYDRATE, and wherever you may be… Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!