It’s been a quieter week at AAHQ, but stuff is getting done in a timely and efficient fashion as always… Issue 151 is already racing along, but the crew have already sent in copy and images for Issue 152 which is now well underway!

But another weekend is upon us, and as always it’s going to be busy as games and events are undertaken, and testing ramping up again… the forecast for all of us in the UK is looking great (remember to hydrate people!) so those not playing will be hitting the range as usual, especially as we’ve had some great new AEGs in to start testing! Bill tells us that;

“We just received two models from our good friends at G&G ARMAMENT, one of which I’ve been wanting to check out since I first saw it, and that’s the SGR 556! We’ve also been lucky enough to be sent their all-new FAR 556 and this is going to be interesting… a tri-fold AR… well, why the devil not? I also need to build up the BB counts for both the VFC BCM carbines (pictured this week) in readiness for a RELOADED article next issue…”

Keeping it local Ben told us that “I was going to play at Cool Under Fire this Sunday, but plans have changed so now I’m going to play at new site, the Citadel on home ground here in Dover, and I get to use my new comms finally; I’m gonna test play the (redacted) out of it…CQB ..I’ll be in my element!”

Going further afield but still with a CQB-vibe Larri is “gonna have a Friday-nite game with around 40 players as some overseas members are back, but also some new generation airsofters are coming, one of the SpeedQB team coming for practice as they are going to Taiwan for SpeedQB competition soon!”

Miguel reported in to say that “this Sunday we have invited three teams for a small game in one of our fields; there’s nothing like playing airsoft with those that we know and respect. We’re thinking of doing three or four small games in different parts of the field…” and Stewbacca told us “it’s Dragon Boat Festival long weekend here in Taiwan so I’ve already had one day off work!. I’ll be in Taipei all weekend for our team leader’s birthday on Friday, meeting other teammates for lunch on Saturday, the second in our civilian defence initiative pistol training courses at our usual IPSC haunt on Sunday morning, and likely some more gun testing there right afterwards!”

The techs are hard at it too as Dan said “I’ve got a pair of TM NGRS MP5’s to finish out upgrading; one is the A5 version and the other is the uber-hot SD6 with the integral suppressor. The SD is 99% done, just waiting on a Eagle6 M120 to show so I can get it slapped together, tested and shipped off to its owner.

I’ve also been tinkering with some various ideas and designs for improving the outer barrel support on the VFC MP7A1 AEG to address the torque issues that arise when removing the flash hider for battery installs. I’ve since done some more tweaks since writing the article on it, and have gotten it shooting reliably up to 390 FPS now, and with the new GSI CNC hop up arms, the range and accuracy is greatly improved. So it’s at a point now where it’s something you wouldn’t feel under-gunned with on an outdoor field. Of course I’ll report back again on this long-term project when it’s to my liking again!”

All in all it’s busy-busy as always, and we’ll have some properly interesting new models to share with you in the “monthly” on 15 July! For now though we’ll wish you all a weekend of happy BB-chucking, and as always we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!