Another week at AAHQ draws to a close, and what a week it’s been (again!) as we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes getting as much of the intel gathered at IWA turned into solid, actionable content, and oh boy, we have some great stuff lined up for you in coming months!

We’ve been speaking pretty much non-stop to our great friends on the manufacturing side of the industry, and that’s already leading to new AEGS, GBBs and gear heading into the “AA Team Cage” ready for testing and then reporting on… a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that’s already committed their support to the “AA Cause”…

But as always we’re cranking on and getting prepared for Issue 149 on 15 April, whilst at the same time getting set for the range, games, and workshop sessions this weekend… although some of the AA Crew are taking a bit of a well-earned break after being flat-out recently; Miguel tells us “it will be a small break for us. The last couple of weeks were filled with our 15th anniversary event and last Sunday we had to hit the field from 0600 to 1700 while organizing the game, catering and cleaning up. Of course, no one wants to upset the wives/girlfriends, so we are taking this weekend off!”

Dan also checked in to tell us that “I’ve been working really long hours this last few weeks, just trying to stay on top of things. Haven’t been knocking off till 9 or 10 PM most days, which gives me an hour or two to tune out and build a few subdivisions in City Skylines or complain about hackers on Warzone lol. For this weekend, I think I’m just going to take some needed R&R…”

But of course others are still out and engaged as Bill said “I am going to be on the range in the woods for sure as I have something rather tasty to get testing finished up on, and it’s extremely of the moment as it’s… THE AA/JAG TT PIT VIPER… hang onto your hat Mr Wick, this is going LARGE! I’ve also got the latest mid-length ARES 308 to play with from iWholesales so it promises to be a GOOD day…”

Stewbacca told us that he will be “at Yangmei again with the bois this weekend doing some outdoor/indoor CQB; Bella from LCT AIRSOFT was good enough to send me the LC3 sample with a wide array of modular attachments to work my way through so I guess I’ll make a start toying with those. 7.62mm platforms are indeed the way. Last weekend was all FAL… time for some other cold war hot picks! It’s a long weekend for Tomb Sweeping and Children’s Day in Taiwan so I’m finally off to ride the Alishan mountain railway after working Saturday and shooting on Sunday.”

Ben is “off to do a recce of some WWII tunnels for a private event coming up” while Boycie told us that “I’ll be transferring my airsoft kit into it’s new home; It’s gonna be a little like Arnie’s shed in “Commando”. Other than that I have work at the range on Sunday so it’ll be “real rather then replica” for me hopefully…”

Jimmy as always… well… he’s still chained to the workbench and said that “in true fashion I shall be back in the shop dealing with repairs and customers no doubt, and the repair list just keeps growing which is nice. I have a build I have been longing to do for a while now, it’s a build for myself in the form of a H&K 416 A5; I purchased a complete E&C fully trademarked kit for cheap and from my understanding this was a sample that never went into full production. E&C did make a 416A5 but not like this one… this will be part of my MANCRAFT series in AEG form and I am going to be putting a fair amount of goodness on the inside. If you want to know more I’m afraid you will just have to wait for my article…”

Well we’re certainly interested to see where Jimmy is heading with this one, and exactly what performance he can eke out of the finished AEG! We’ll end today though by wishing you a GREAT weekend, and although our image this week is another of our resident airsoft-viking Bjorn in the snow rockin’ his ONE TIGRIS rig and RAVEN HI CAPA, we hope that soon the better weather will be here for everyone!

For now though, enjoy your airsoft and as always Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!