The Show Season this year has obviously been taking up our energy and attention, and we’re pleased to report that after MOA, SHOT, and IWA we are all set with our industry friends to continue bringing you all the latest and best in airsoft news for 2023!

We’ve at last been able to meet with many old friends in the airsoft industry, and meet new ones too, but the pace that we’ve been keeping of course takes a toll on the free time that we have to actually get out on the range or play airsoft… that said, the AA crew are now fully recovered from long journeys, lengthy show hours, and even the dreaded “show plague” that appears to have taken a heavy toll on many out there…

But that was then, and this is now, and the AA Crew are getting back up to full speed with games and events to attend (and in some cases, run!), range days to “get done”, and testing to recommence fully!

Bill tells us that “it’s been a heavy old schedule the past couple of months, but now Show Season is done for another year all of us can concentrate on getting back out in earnest! We’ve had some awesome photoshoots in the last couple of months, and following the shows we’re all set for even more, and we’ll be working with some awesome companies even more directly in the coming months. Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to break out the lighter-weight gear and start hitting the outdoor range on a more regular basis, and there’s a few bigger games I have my eyes on too…”

Around the world though things continue in a “business as usual” fashion; Stewbacca reported in from Taiwan to let us know that “me and the Bois will be descending on Linkou CQB again as there’s a weather warning for this weekend and the fog has already temporarily stranded Anny on the island of Kinmen just next to China due to fog and other issues, so we’ll have to get on with writing up more things when she returns. Probably give the FAL some more trigger time now it’s back from servicing…”

Miguel in Portugal is at full speed this weekend and reports “I’ve been hella busy with our 15th anniversary event, that will take place this Sunday. But now everything is set. We will have 80+ players present; we would like to have more, but for the event to be fluid that’s the max we can have. The preparations for the BBQ are on the way (mandatory) as well, and we also have some great giveaways from Viper and Gunfire!” This is certianly a game that we’re looking forward to hearing all about, and as usual Miguel will land his article in due course…

Dan in the USA is prepping at last to get back out into the wild and tells us “Next game isn’t until the 15th for me. March has turned into an extremely busy month here, and I have consequently stacked up a lot of airsoft guns in the shop to upgrade. Of interesting note, I recently took delivery of a Lambda Defense MK48 MOD 0 from one of the guys at Amped Airsoft that is not feeding and has other assorted ailments. This is probably the heaviest and most realistic feeling MMG I’ve ever held (the weight is actually near on par with the real deal). It’s a stunning bit of hardware, really. I might take a little time off on Saturday to go to a gun show nearby and browse a bit. Not that I really need anything, of course.. but I feel the siren song of a Beretta 1301 LE calling my name!”

And at home Boycie told us that “the weekend for me is mega busy. After a day hosting the ASG UK guys at the live fire range I manage, the weekend will be taken up with planning UKPSA Action Air Safety Courses, followed by packaging up all my airsoft kit (there’s a LOT of that), the moving it to my new house! When there is a spare minute I am wrapping up the copy for a feature in Issue 149 and then the photoshoot next week, as well as planning and starting three other features to come in future issues…”

So, just an indication that all over the world the members of the AA LEGION are gearing up, getting out there, and getting work (and play!) done, and of course we’ll update on developments in our weekly news as they happen!

For now though, if you’re playing this weekend then as usual we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!