Readers of Airsoft Action may well recognise the name Matt Limb as an early contributor to the magazine and, more recently, our reviewer of historical military-based books.

You may also remember that Matt operates a highly-rated “Battlefield Tours” company, as well as producing some incredible photography and publishing a number of books, however, it is with regard to his latest project that we are asking our incredible army of readers if they can help…

Retired Colonel Matt Limb OBE is searching for remaining World War Two veterans across the East Midlands, this project was planned a couple of years ago but was put on hold due to the pandemic and almost cancelled.

Matt has for many years been deeply involved with battlefield tours, military history and veterans’ causes. A photographer in his own right who also owns a publishing company, Matt plans to write a book on the remaining WW2 veterans and their stories, if he can get sufficient veterans involved.

Sadly, no one knows how many of these veterans remain, as we all know, over the next five years they could all be gone, their stories being lost forever. Matt is looking for as many as possible, from any of the services, provided they served in WW2. Can you please use social media or any other type of communication to find these veterans and help in your local and East Midland areas? 

The format for the interviews will be a set of questions, covering not only their war service but life before and after, plus a few photographs and possibly copies of the veteran’s photographs during their time of service. 

The interviews will be conducted only with full permission, in the case of vulnerable adults’ permission from the family or care organisation will be sought before commencing the interview.  It is also requested the family or care organisation be with the veteran when the interview is conducted. All data will be treated within the current GDPR.

Matt has made a great start on the project with several WW2 veterans already interviewed, which has given great encouragement to the project, but more is needed to bring it to a feasible conclusion. 

Based centrally, Matt is willing to travel to all parts of the East Midlands area to conduct the interviews and do the photography.

Obviously, this is very much UK-based but we know there were many thousands of soldiers from around the world that fought alongside the Brits and may well have been based in the East Midlands, with stories of their own they would like to share with Matt.

If you can help, please get in touch with Matt at the following email address:

Matt’s Battlefield Tours website is: and if you would like to see some examples of Matt’s photography, head over to: