In Issue 137 Bill had a good, close look at some new gear from OUTRIDER TACTICAL, and he’s been putting it through its paces since on the range and during his outdoor adventures. Several garments were highlighted in his article, but here’s some more information on a couple more pieces he’s been trying out!

The T.O.R.D. Performance Polo has an innovative fabric composition (50% Lyocell and 50% Polyester) that creates some serious advantages Lyocell, I’m told, warms almost as well as sheep’s wool, cools similarly to linen and is more wicking than cotton, and in the recent hot weather the latter has proved invaluable during ranges session. In addition, Lyocell is extremely tear-resistant even when wet, making it a very durable material. The fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear, the honeycomb structure on the inside allows better ventilation and dries moisture from the body more quickly. Bacteria growth is reduced by Lyocell in a natural way and completely without chemical additives. Thus far, a big thumbs-up from me!

The T.O.R.D. Flex Pant AR is characterized by durability, functionality, light weight and high mobility. To achieve the best possible freedom of movement, a stretchable fabric has been used, which is additionally coated to repel stains and water; a 65% polyester / 35% cotton mix that benefits from mechanical stretch, this fabric is Teflon coated to increase durability so the pants keep on looking as good as they did when new. The design offers many storage options and at the same time leaves a low profile for the wearer. The waistband height is optimized for concealed holsters to be ideally covered by a shirt or jacket. The sophisticated pocket and interior pocket concept offers many options for organizing equipment. So far, everything about these pants for me is positive!

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