We’ve thus far had very good experiences with the SAIGO DEFENCE AEGs that we’ve treid, and we have the very latest RONIN PDW shorty going through the “evaluation mill” right now! However, to date we haven’t tried one of their long guns so we’re keen to get hands on the new KYUDO bolt action to see if this offers the same kind of well-priced performance we’ve seen so far from their AEGs.

The design is certainly eye-catching and we’re liking the overall layout of features, especially the way that the pistol grip is ergonomically married up to a multi-position stock. Everything looks pretty squared-away to us, so we’ll be getting to grips with one of these as soon as possible!

Weighing in at 2625g it’s a well-weighted platform on paper, and at 1180mm it’s on par with other models in its class; it’s made from a combination of alloy and polymer which obviously helps to keep the weight down whilst at the same time giving good body-strength. We’re being told that it kicks out a walloping 500-530fps on a .20g, and the features stack up to suggest it will offer solid performance from the box!

AEG Cut Aluminum Hop Chamber
Precision barrel 6.03mm
Incorporates a pressure ring from the barrel to the chamber for optimal fit and sealing
Lightened aluminum cam with built-in pressure spring
Maple Leaf Rubber 60º
Nub Omega Maple Leaf
User Adjustable stock
Magazine Capacity: 23 BBs

We do love a long gun, and as Jimmy is in the midst of creating his first-ever “ghillie” we forsee a bit of a “double header” review coming on this rifle soon!