It’s another month, so it’s time for another issue of Airsoft Action, and as this month is June we decided to drop another “special issue” dedicated to the Normandy landings of June 1944!

Each year we remember those that fought to secure our freedom from tyranny in Europe (especially poignant right now…) so we felt it was time to concentrate on this era, and in this issue we most definitely have a WWII theme as we headline with the new Lee Enfield No4 and Kar98k from ARES whilst RED CELL get to grips specifically with WWII AEGs and GBBs that may well have been found on the landing beaches and in the bocage for both ALLIED and AXIS forces. The AA LEGIONNAIRES look at the question of getting involved in “period airsoft” in THE CAGE, and Bill and Stewbacca delve into their personal handgun collections to take a hard look at WWII pistols!

Dan gets techy with a real “blast from the past” as he reinvigorates an old WWII-style Ultima MG42, Frenchie gets into “Dressing Up” in LAST POST, and Bill rounds out our “NORMANDY ’44” theme with his personal recommendations of what makes a good “D-Day Tour for Airsofters”.

Of course though it wouldn’t be Airsoft Action without us highlighting the newest and best guns n’ gear to hit the market, and again it’s a bumper issue chock-full of goodies! Stewbacca lands his report on the much-anticipated VFC M733 GBB, and Bill gets his monthly dose of rangetime with the SECUTOR RAPAX M6, AW VX9 Custom, and the Specna Arms FLEX… and FINALLY gets his mitts on the the all-new GK-12 from G&G and addresses the subject of proprietary magazines in G&G AKs.

Our latest LEGION recruit Larri brings in his very first full report direct from the airsoft community in Hong Kong, and we celebrate with Miguel as he and his fellow GHOSTs celebrate with their annual birthday game in Portugal! Add to this a look-forward to the very latest clothing from RAGNAR RAIDS and a look-back at the venerable SAS SMOCK and we truly believe that this issue has a little something for everyone, whatever your flavour of airsoft may be!

As we like to say: “If it’s in airsoft, it’s in Airsoft Action!”

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