The team over at KYDEX CUSTOMS have really been busy so far this year, with many new products showing up on their website for shooters real and airsoft!

We’re big fans of their holsters, so it’s great to see the latest addition to their ever-expanding line, and the SAF 2 ADAPTOR is something that’s sure to gain many fans alongside us. They tell us;

“Our brand new product, the SAF 2 Adaptor is here! With new airsoft players and those on a budget in mind, we want to bridge the gap between entry level and higher end holsters without breaking the bank.

The SAF 2 Adapter allows the user to mount any holster which uses the cog/rotor mount mounting platform onto Safariland holster mounts, like the UBL Mid ride mounts which are incredibly popular and are, in our opinion, the best mounting platform currently on the market.”

Unlike other adaptors on the market, the SAF 2 has a channel on the back which allows the user to mount their holster in conjunction with a thigh strap which isn’t usually possible due to the single point of attachment the roto-retention cog/rotor style of mount these holsters use. Included with the mount is all of the hardware you’ll need to attach the SAF 2 Adaptor. You’ll find a set of M6 machine screws to mount the holster to the SAF 2 Adaptor along with three sets of mounting screws to attach the SAF 2 Adaptor to your mount.

We’ve been lucky enough to have one of the mid-ride setups during development, and may have even had a tiny, tiny part in the process; what we can tell you is that we’ve tried the adaptor with a number of different roto-retention holsters and it works with all of the models we have, and with the complete setup you can simply transform a belt or MOLLE mounted holster into a MID-RIDE which works perfectly in conjunction with a plate carrier setup.

We’re loving the directions that KYDEX CUSTOMS are taking, and we’ll be sure to update more as new, useful and usable products hit their line!