It’s pretty obvious that we have a deeper than average relationship with all the wonderful brand partners that we work with in the airsoft industry. Be they great or very modest, they are the beating heart of what we do and without their creations and their ongoing efforts, let’s face it, we wouldn’t have half the fabulous AEGs, GBBs and accessories that we all love so much!

And we’re always delighted to see a new catalogue, especially when it’s as comprehensive and full of airsoft goodness as this one from our good friends at Evolution International in Italy!

Evolution, as anyone who reads our daily posts here on the web news will know, have also been putting in the hours during the global pandemic not just to keep things rolling but, in fact, to develop some stunning new models – and if the information in this catalogue is anything to go by, then we believe you’ll agree that we have A LOT to look forward to in the coming year from Evolution!

We hope that you’ll all enjoy the catalogue every bit as much as us and we’ll be reporting in continued depth on some of those “new directions” soon!