Another working week kicks off at AAHQ and we’ll be getting fully into putting together ISSUE 147 for 15th Feb, and we’ll have some VERY BIG NEWS to share in there!

For now though we’ll kick off this last week of January 2023 with some equally great news from VORSK as the new VX-14 should be hitting your local store soon, and what a cracker of a GBB it is! In the CURRENT ISSUE Bill had a close look at the VX-14 REQUIEM SPECIAL EDITION which we are certain that collectors are going to love and the “fighting version” of this pistol is no less impressive!

The guys at VORSK tell us;

“The VX-14 is a GBB Airsoft Pistol that brings together features usually found on Hi-Capa and 1911/MEU airsoft replicas. Using the double stacked powerhouse of the Hi-Capa magazine you can be assured of the performance of this airsoft replica as it delivers BBs downrange with an incredibly satisfying recoil experience. The half length rail and curved trigger guard taken from 1911/MEU models ensures 1911 holster compatibility whilst also delivering a slightly more ‘traditional’ look when compared to the more audacious Hi-Capa series.”

With the VX-14 you also get a 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel Extending Suppressor Kit that will help deliver a boost in FPS and Range. The pistol grip is injection moulded plastic, providing a suitably sturdy yet noticeably chunky grip due to the double stacked magazine within. The grip features a wave-“v” pattern which is also found on the Mag-Release button, another nice touch. Including the REQUIEM and REQUIEM DOUBLE PACK there’s TEN colour options to choose from too so you can totally get the right pistol to go with your loadout, although the FULL DARK EARTH (pictured) is already a firm AA Crew favourite!

The VX-14 is undergoing final testing with us in readiness for our full report in ISSUE 147, so although we already love the pistol be sure to tune in on the 15th to find out exactly what we think of this all-new model!