Here we go again with whole new year of airsoft to look forward to… which of course means a whole new year of AIRSOFT ACTION too!

To kick off our “Show Season Reports” for 2023 we have a truly MASSIVE one for you courtesy of Stewbacca as he details all the wonders he saw… and by the time you read this the AA Crew will be “wheels up” for SHOT too!

We have all the usual goodies for you this month as Jimmy brings in the lowdown on the new ICS TOMAHAWK, Bill gives an overview on LCT’s awesome accessory program and their new PDW, whilst the members of The AA Legion join Red Cell to talk about their most-used and favourite AEG and GBB platforms from 2022.

We’ve an early look at the very newest, and as yet unreleased, handgun from pistol-meisters VORSK in the form of their very special VX-14 REQUIEM EDITION GBB, and Jimmy and Bill look back on their existing VORSK Hi Capas six months in! Bill also looks at the Double Eagle PFS9 pistol that’s raised a few eyebrows too…

As always at this time of year there are airsoft resolutions to get out of the way in THE CAGE, gear to prep for ’23 in TOD, and we delve into the latest tactical gear from VIPER that we’ve been hammering over the past few months. Bill gets to grips with updates to the NUPROL accessory line, and tech Jimmy concludes his journey with the new PERUN Mosfets as he gives his tips on fitting for the P90 and AUG.

And of course it wouldn’t be AIRSOFT ACTION if we didn’t also have a fabulous international LEGION REPORT, so it’s back to Japan we go this month as Stewbacca details his full adventures with LayLax!

We already know there’s so much airsoft goodness to come this year, and we’ll be reporting on it as best we can, just as soon as we can! If you’re fed up with the “unboxers” leaving you wanting more, get your teeth into some real airsoft news and reviews as its very much business as usual as AIRSOFT ACTION enters YEAR 12 of continuous publication with a right humdinger of an issue!

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