We’ve reached the end of another office week and things are already humming along as we start to get into Issue 147 that’s only a couple of weeks away now!

The members of the AA LEGION are all getting their gear together for games and events in their respective countries as it’s very much business as usual as this weeks image of Stewbacca shows, but here in the UK there’s a few members of Red Cell that are getting properly pumped for tomorrow as they’re heading off to a “secret location” and getting involved in something VERY special indeed!

What we can tell you is that we’ve had superb support from VIPER and KYDEX CUSTOMS getting ready for what promises to be one of our most interesting photoshoots ever… we’d love to tell you more right now as we’re REALLY excited but all Bill would say is;

“We’re really ready to get our best airsoft faces on tomorrow! Jase, Jimmy, Ben and I will be hitting the road at Zero Dark Thirty to get to the photoshoot venue… we’ve been gearing up with all the very latest gear from VIPER with a new team loadout, and you may think that as KYDEX CUSTOMS are also involved in the mix then it’s going to be something pistol-related but you’d be wrong!

I absolutely cannot say more right now, but in the next couple of weeks we’re going to be able to share some VERY exciting news… we’re all under an NDA right now so I may have even said too much already…”

Fact is that you’ll need to wait until ISSUE 147 on 15 FEBRUARY to get the full lowdown on this story, but rest assured IT WILL be worth waiting for!

For now though it’s Friday and gametime approaches, so as usual we’ll sign off the week by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!