We do like a nice Mid Cap, and in fact many of the AA Crew swear by them when it comes to their personal “mag stack”, and if you’re being all “sneaky beaky” in a game scenario where you need to carry concealed then a shorty is the very thing… you can always move up to your drum-mag when things go loud, right!

Although a Hi Cap, and indeed a drum, undoubtedly has a place on the hearts of many players, the humble “middy” is staple fodder and we always love to see one being rolled out for a popular AEG platform.

G&G have now added a new mag for the much-loved ARP 9 variants, and it holds just 68 BBs! They say;

“When accuracy is of the utmost importance, you don’t need a high-capacity magazine to make your shots count. Introducing our new 68-round magazine for the ARP 9, featuring our patented Four-Channel Converging Magazine technology. This innovative magazine packs 68 BB’s into a compact package, making it the perfect choice for players who value concealment over quantity!”

Made from heavy-duty polymer, the new magazine allows BB’s to enter the hop-up chamber faster, resulting in quicker target acquisition. Compatible with ALL G&G ARP 9 and PCC 9 AEG’s, this magazine will be a must-have for many players.

Again as G&G say themselves “Upgrade your game and elevate your accuracy with our 68-round magazine!”

As the new magazine looks like it will be happy in a pistol magazine pouch this also offers even more choice when it comes to your rig setup, so in all ways… nicely done G&G!