Sometimes we wonder at the sheer speed at which the airsoft world works, and with the digital-ink not quite dry on our massive SHOT SHOW ’23 report already new releases are being shouted about for IWA in March!

Whilst not the first launch that we’ve heard about (more on this is ISSUE 147 later this week!) set for the show in Germany, the new SPR 300 PRO from ARCHWICK under their B&T AIR licence is most certainly an exciting one that’s sure to set the pulses of airsoft snipers worldwide racing!

The real B&T SPR 300 is attracting a lot of chat in firearms circles, and the B&T intel tells us that “designed for discrete carry, rapid deployment and maximum accuracy, the SPR300 PRO is a specialized tool for specialized missions. Equipped with a state-of-the-art integral sound suppressor, the SPR300 PRO emits Hollywood-quiet sound levels of just 121-123 dB with subsonic ammunition. Built for maximum accuracy out to 165 yards, had a barrel optimized for heavy weight subsonic 300BLK rounds and will deliver sub-MOA groups at 100 yards…”

Now RED CELL member Chris has been fielding a “short-range-sniper-rifle” for some considerable time, and the concept of the “urban sniper rifle” using subsonics has been around for a good while too; it would seem that the B&T 300 SPR is purpose-designed to maximise this role.

We already expect something just a little special from ARCHWICK given their track-record to date, and from what we’re seeing in terms of features for the airsoft replica of this innovative rifle there’s a lot to go at… of course, we’ll reserve full judgement until we’ve seen the SPR 300 “in the wild”, but it certainly looks might promising to us!