Weekend spotted… here we go!

A number of you have have asked us via messenger what “SFTW” means, and when we make our posts on a Friday it’s all about “Something For The Weekend”!

Just like you the AA Crew all have their plans for playing, getting on the range, or setting up in the workshop and we think it’s good for all of our readers to see that just like you, we’re excited about airsoft for our weekend ahead!

It also gives us an opportunity to let you know what we’re working on, what we’re excited about shooting, and most importantly where we might be playing!

So to kick off this Friday Bill has told us that preparations for ISSUE 147 are proceeding well, and that there will be both some mammoth event reports and some HUGE airsoft news as we’ve got the lowdown on a product launch that everyone “in the know” is tremendously excited by! He told us that “I can’t go into detail, but the new issue promises to be one of our very best ever! Not only is this important because of some very unique content that you won’t find anywhere else yet, but also beacuse of the sheer volume of airsoft that we cover this time… it’s the issue too that we show to everyone at IWA that spotlights just how we do things here at AA… suffice to say I’ll be head down in the office this weekend as everything needs to be ready for upload for next Wednesday!”

But it seems like Bill is going to be on his own in the office (poor Bill!) as the rest of the AA LEGION both home and abroad are getting stuck in! Stewbacca told us that “this weekend we’re playing Hutoushan again so I’ll be dodging the spiders the size of my hand and playing the the VFC MP5k to do some further testing. I also got my FAL back from service with the VFC Bois so might take that our for a spin if I can be bothered to carry it along with all the other stuff. Undecided. Military Anny will be joining us again as well as bringing another lovely lady along for her first shoot too who we’ll be kitting out and arming up between us. See how I suffer for you all to bring more locally related content, fellow shooters?”… Oh, poor Stu!

Larri checked in from HK to tell us that “it’s weekly cqb as usual, running with 24 bros and sisters for some action!”, whilst from Portugal Miguel said that “the GHOSTs and I are taking part in “Warzone Nest”, one of many yearly games for a strict circle of teams!” Back from Vegas, and back in the groove, Boycie will be “getting in some holster and transition practice alongside some reactive target work in preparation for a return to playing!”

And Jimmy? Well, he’ll be chained again to his workbench and tells us that “A busy one again this weekend back on the bench, nothing seems to change lol” I have a franken-build to fine tune and sort out feeding issues. A service on an NGRS as well as fitting new gears and raising the velocity, a new custom Action Army I recently acquired needs to be set up properly, and I have a new hop unit to fit to my NUPROL AK, one I have never seen before it’s a Begadi Nbo Pro rotary-style so hopefully I can get that dialled in and squeeze some extra range out of it; this should compliment the Mancraft engine rather nicely! If my new Speedcat slide arrives for the Hi Capa then that will be on the list also. No doubt I will get some last minute rush jobs turn up on Saturday which need sorting before Sunday… all this while nursing a heavily traumatised index finger which I sliced open on a razor sharp Action Army one-piece cylinder…” It’s true then, we really do suffer for our art!

However, injuries, deadlines, and more pleasurable work (in the case of Stewbacca!) aside we hope that you’ll have a fantastic weekend, and as always we’ll sign off another working week by saying wherever you are, enjoy YOUR style of airsoft, and Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!