The airsoft goodness just keeps right on coming at the moment, and although this is not news to us, it may well be to you… THE VORSK VM9 LIVES!

Following the successful introduction of their select-fire VM9 OSIRIS to their ever-expanding range, VORSK have taken another look at what they believe a “thoroughly modern M9” might look like, and the result is this unique and striking new pistol!

The guys at VORSK tell us;

“When setting eyes upon the VORSK VM9, one will immediately notice the raised rail section to the back of the slide that both houses the rear green fibre sights as well as providing a stable platform for all your aftermarket sights/ optics. This rail features a cut-out through the centre, used to align the rear and raised forward fibre sight. What was the standard 180° ejection port opening now features six cut-out “fins” that line up nicely with the rear slide grip markings and with the mounted rail, gives a very aggressive looking slide package.

As with most VORSK replicas, the 6.03mm inner barrel is threaded to accept VORSKs barrel extending suppressor kits (the outer barrel is also threaded for your suppressors/ tracers). When primed for fire in the triggers “single-action” position, the fire control can be moved through to the “safe” position which ‘decocks’ the hammer and also disengages the trigger ensuring the VM9 is completely “safe” when in those no-fire zones. Disengaging the safety allows the trigger to move again, and so long as there is a remaining round in the chamber, one can then fire the VM9 through the “long-pull” of the double-action trigger that first pulls back the hammer before release unto the firing pin.

Other furniture within reach include the slide-release, magazine release and of course the hammer itself. The VM9 platform features a very intuitive, simple to use slide release that will encourage you to get inside and tweak that hop-unit, as well as deliver all the standard lubricating care a full-metal GBB sidearm requires. The moulded, stippled pistol grip is the only large section of polymer found on this replica and wraps around a double-stacked magazine ensuring a firm and chunky grip. The magazine itself features a ‘mid-range’ extension providing up to 30 rounds and a larger gas reservoir than the typical VM9 magazine that was supplied with the VM9 OSIRIS from VORSK.

Due to it being the same platform, standard VM9 and extended 50R magazines are also available from VORSK.”

And guess what, yup, we’ve already had hands on the fully-functional development model of the VM9, and it rocks! We understand that these new pistols should soon be hitting the website and stores, and rest assured that we’ll be giving one our usual less-than-gentle range and field testing just as soon as the production model arrives with us and reporting back soon!

This week just keeps on getting better and better!!!