Stewbacca informs us that DAY 3 of MOA2022 is a done deal, and that the show has been exactly the major airsoft spectacle that we’d hoped it would be!

From what he’s sent us already, posted on his own “Island Insider” page, and from what we’ve seen hitting the interwebz from some of our favourite manufacturers there’s going to be a HUGE amount of new things to cover in the coming months, and you can rely on Airsoft Action to deliver you the goods… IN FULL!

And we still have SHOT and IWA 2023 still to come!

For now though, we’ll leave the final immediate post-show words of MOA2022 to the man himself…

“MOA2022… It’s a wrap.

As I lie on my back, freshly showered and Bushmills in hand, I already hear the internal monologue groaning about the sheer volume of work that lies ahead in terms of adequately and hopefully succinctly relaying to you all the last three days and all the awesome things I’ve seen and experienced.

But… While there are so many product photos to sift through and choose focus or talking points from, I see that many of the near thousand photos I took on my phone are of people, not products.

And I think that’s a sentiment that rings true throughout what we do, and why we do it. This is an end-user and experience driven industry, and it’s always a privelege and a pleasure to see people excelling in organising and executing not only great products for the community to enjoy, but the shows like this that bring them into the public view and also just as importantly maintain our excellent friendships and business relationships.

So, here’s to you all!

You make this what it is.

Until next time, fellow shooters; we are back in force… and back on course!”