It’s been another busy day for Stewbacca at MOA2022 and today he’s been spending some “quality time” with a few of our favourite manufacturers!

There’s always so much to cover at any major show, and of course MOA is “home turf” for many of our favourite airsoft brands! Although of course there’s lots of AEG news from the likes of LCT and BOLT (interesting Cybergun collaboration right there that we’ll talk more about during the week ahead!) once again the major news does appear to be GBB-related… don’t worry, we’ll be sure to cover as much of everything as possible in our show roundup in Issue 146 though!

As always we like to get the real lowdown on the stories behind new models, and one thing that has jumped out us all from many of the images hitting the interwebz is that ARCHWICK are singing loud and proud about their licence agreement with B&T! Once again we asked Stu to make a pick from everything he has seen on Day 2, and today he had this to tell us;

“Second day pick… While I get to work closely with the guys at ARCHWICK and they are very open with me and share a lot of cool things I can’t share onwards with you just yet, even having a heads up to their plans for B&T AIR and their upcoming APC9K GBB and AEG SMGs didn’t prepare me for seeing the late stage prototypes in the flesh at the show with all the surface finishes and markings applied.

Clearly they are receiving a lot of positive feedback and interest from potential end users and distributors locally and from far further afield.

I’m really looking forward to getting hands on with one whenever they become available and sharing my thoughts of them within my wider and growing collection of GBB PDW platforms.”