So, MOA2022 DAY 2 and our “Man in Taiwan” is aleady hard at it after what we hear was a somewhat restrained foray last night!

There’s going to be a LOT to see as the show really kicks into gear today, and we’ll report back later on highlights… we’re also sharing images on the AA Facebook page, so don’t forget to check in there too!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out this morning to our friend Vic from POPULAR AIRSOFT who’s made the journey to Taiwan and is posting some great images and video (thanks to Vic for this image of Stewbacca in action on the LCT stand!) from the show; please do keep an eye on and their social media too for updates and some insightful comment!

For now, we’re going back to checking out all the pictures and videos from MOA2022 that have been uploaded overnight…

AAHQ out… for now!