Good people doing GREAT things!

That’s what we’re witnessing in the airsoft industry globally right now, and after a couple of difficult years for all of us we’re now seeing some of our friends and industry partners really forging ahead again to turn long-held plans into reality, and we’re overjoyed this morning to share some news that we’ve known about for a while, but were sworn to secrecy about!

Anyone that plays airsoft knows that LayLax is at the forefront and cutting-edge of creating the very finest airsoft parts and accessories and has been leading innovation and industry standards for some considerable time! They plan, design, and develop airsoft upgrade parts, accessories, tactical gear, and equipment to satisfy the wants and needs of airsoft shooters and players around the world.

And as of this morning LayLax Ryan told us;

“LayLax Inc. is pleased to announce on this auspicious day the official launch of our US branch, LayLax USA in 2023.

Our main mission is three pronged. LayLax USA aims to become the logistics hub for the Americas by having a physical location and warehouse which will allow us to better serve our customers.

The second goal we aim to achieve with the opening of our US branch is to strengthen our relationships with existing partners and forge relationships with new partners. By being geographically located in the United States, this allows for greater flexibility to attend events, trade shows, physical shop visits, and meetings.

Finally, with the launch of the LayLax International YouTube Channel, we aim to provide a wide variety of content dedicated to our faithful non-Japanese speaking audience. The channel will be a dedicated hub for airsofters looking for high-quality airsoft content that’s aimed to be both entertaining and informative.”

This is fabulous news that takes the LayLax brand forward in a VERY meaningful way, and Airsoft Action looks forward to working with them even more closely in the future as part of our own growing global coverage of everything airsoft.

But wait, there’s MORE!!!

LayLax Marck went on to tell us more on the new YouTube Channel;

“We’ve been busy working on something here and I feel like it’s a good time to share it with all of you. Today alongside our announcement about our USA branch we also launched the LayLax International Channel dedicated to be an airsoft entertainment hub and a peep inside what airsoft is like in Japan as well as around the world! Your sub would mean a lot me and our team that worked so hard on everything.”

And with Marck’s first AA LEGION article scheduled for Issue 141 in a couple of weeks time we simply send our heartfelt congratulations to all at LayLax, and wish them every success with their new international venture and we hope, like us, that you’ll add your support to the new channel… it’s sure to be both informative and FUN!