We had some BIG news to share yesterday, but we couldn’t really start a new week without a new AEG, now could we?

So, slightly delayed, Tuesday is the new Monday (this week only!) as we want to talk about another G&G release; it’s not 100% new, but actually it is as it’s the latest iteration of undoubtedly G&G ARMAMENTS most popular “pistol-calibre” AEG, the ARP 9 which is now getting an upgrade with all-new external and internal advancements!

The original ARP 9 was a huge hit when it was released and voted Best AEG by Popular Airsoft in 2018. Fast forward to 2022 and G&G are looking to continue the success of the original ARP with the all-new ARP 2.0.

This updated ARP 9 is equipped with a longer 7″ full aluminum M-LOK rail and detachable handstop. The iconic polymer receiver keeps the overall weight down. The new GOS-V9 minimalist retractable PDW-style stock gives you more space to fit your battery to reduce the need for a battery extension unit (hurrah!). In addition, G&G have increased the standard magazine capacity from the standard 60-round magazine on the original ARP 9 to a new larger capacity of a 170-round magazine with the ARP 2.0.

Internally, a longer 168mm inner barrel is installed as compared to the original 128mm length of the ARP 9. The polymer rotary-hop-up improves consistency when adjusting your hop-up unit. As for the brains, an improved electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) and the newest Gen 4. MOSFET is installed for crisp trigger pulls and enhanced battery protection.

The ARP 9 2.0 will be available worldwide in September, so you can pre-order with your local G&G dealer to reserve your AEG and be the first one on the airsoft-battlefield with it!