So, the sun is shining again and we’ve been having a lovely time on the range today doing final testing with a few of the latest AEGs and GBBs to arrive at AAHQ, and we’ve been laying some BBs down with the RAPAX M6, and what a great-looking, great-to-shoot AEG it is!

However, earlier this month we were reading one of the posts in the Airsoft Europe group on the topic of “DMRs” (the RAPAX M6 is a great example of this!) and it got us to thinking… what do most people actually mean when they talk about a DMR?

It seems that the answers vary wildly…

We’ll be landing our review of the M6 Issue 139, and we’ll also be looking as part of that review into the whole “DMR thing”… want to know what we think?

Be sure to check out the new issue on the 15th to find out!