So, what are YOUR airsoft plans for the coming weekend???

After a bit of downtime the AA Crew are right back into it this week, and although the “office crew” are heads down getting Issue 139 ready for next week (we’ll be reporting on the much-awaited, all-new G&G GK-12, pictured, amongst other more “period” things!), our merry band of international “Legion Shooters and Looters” are back out at back up to full speed!

Stewbacca is “once again attempting Hutoushan if the weather holds, and if not our fallback is our new Midlands CQB site an hour or so south of Taipei near my old stomping ground. Going to start fielding the LK53 EBB AEG LCT gifted me and maybe the PP2K or L85A2 some more too. Decisions. Decisions. I have all of next week off work and have to move into new digs a couple of stops away from current HQ. Upside is new wall space just for guns, so this weekend will also be Taiwanese B&Q for wood, HK grey paint and fixtures for doing that – I’m just laying all my guns out virtually in CAD at the pub as I write!”

Miguel tells us that “We are looking at 33 degrees C max this Sunday… so that calls for a CQB game (sheltered from the heat)! My guys will be hitting a CQB field not far from our area, a huge warehouse complex! But there will be no shortage of games in the scorching sun!” Whilst Larri is “heading to CQB with around 33 participants at a milsim kill house style game site!”

Boycie is “testing out some T4E markers and Nuprol GBBP as well as spending time on the range with the real thing; very busy this weekend!” and Bill W-R says he’s got a “trip to the shop to see if the Badger has sold and collect my M4… then I might get some time to get some articles finished at last !”

Dan checked in to say that “I’ve got a few ‘gremlin’ guns that I’ve put aside for the weekend as they aren’t time sensitive projects. One is a CYMA SR-25 QBS that is having a weird compression jam problem and the other is an MG42 that has extremely low FPS. Hopefully they’ll keep me busy enough that I can get out of painting the upstairs room lol!”

Jimmy as always is chained to his workshop bench, and he tells us that “this weekend one shall be spending time at the HQ; I have a couple of HPA builds to unfudge and fine tune, some problem solving on a Redline FCU, an AGM MP40 which shall be getting some much needed maintenance, and an old Scar H (which I have no clue what brand it is!) that shall be lucky if it doesn’t go in the bin! I want to get a good few hours in crafting the ghilie suit in preparation for it’s next outing,then at some point I’m going to hook up with the gaffer Bill for a nice guns n’ gear-related coffee morning. Whatever it is airsoft-wise you are embarking upon I hope you all enjoy it!”

We can only agree with Jimmy’s sentiment, and we hope that wherever you are playing, and whatever kind of airsoft you’re into you’ll have a great time! So that’s it for this week, but as always as we sign off for another week we’ll just say Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!!!