We’re right back into the swing of things after our break now, so it’s time to start talking about new AEGs again!

One of the models that has come to our attention and is inbound for field-testing and evaluation is the latest AK-12 to emerge from ARCTURUS; we know that “modern AKs”, especially the “12”, are still contentious at the moment and rightly so, but as Bill said when he last looked at the AK-12 “one mans tool of oppression can be another mans symbol of freedom”, and we’re seeing the AK-12 especially in the hands of Ukranian troops as the fight their war for liberty!

Now we don’t like to dwell on such issues, but as always Airsoft Action, with our direct familial connection, is “Proud to Support Ukraine”, and will continue to do so.

But let’s talk airsoft… and why the AT-AK12-PE has piqued our curiosity… Simply put it’s an ARCTURUS AK-12, a model that we love, but in this case the PE features a new reinforced gearbox, Quick Spring Change System and CNC 13:1 Steel Machined Gears mounted on 8mm bearings. So far so good…

BUT, in addition to this the PE gearbox is equipped with a High-End Optical PERUN MOSFET with Alternative Fire Mode, Active Brake, Pre-Cocking, ROF Reduction, Trigger Sensitivity, Progressive Trigger, Binary Trigger, Switchable Li-Po Alarm, Electronic Fuse, Diagnostic System and Adjustable Trigger Stop!

Now as you know, we do like “a bit of PERUN” in our AEGs so this really looks to finally bring the AK-platform right up to date with current airsoft trends and performance levels!

A sample of the new AT-AK12-PE is winging its way to us courtesy of the lovely people at PERUN, and rest assured we’ll get this tested and reported on as soon as possible!