We’re great fans of CLAWGEAR for their clothing and accessories, some of which we use ourselves, but did you know they also make some awesome firearm accessory parts, like an aftermarket handguard for the Steyr AUG?

Our good friend and Legion Associate Chris over at Airsoft & Milsim News has had hands-on one of these and has written up a great little report over on their BLOG… and he says;

“The Steyr AUG: a rifle that‘s futuristic, yet retro. Loved and hated for it‘s choices in design, instantly recognizable from movies and games. A true working horse of a rifle that performs in basically any condition! Never the less, a uncomfortable fact about the original Steyr AUG variants is, for end users they‘re not the most modular rifles out there.”

He goes on to tell us that;

“Clawgear did a great job when facing this problem and came up with a simple, yet effective solution to modernize basically any .223 Steyr AUG variant. Suited for the early A1 from the 70s up to the latest A3 models. Of course there are other solutions from different companies as well, but the Clawgear handguard was one of the first aftermarket options that offered a true handguard, not just a bottom rail.”

As we know there are a few AUG fans out there this will be great news, and potentially allow users to update their own rifle and get some additional mileage from it… head on over to AMNB to check out the full report HERE!