We can’t believe that another week has just FLOWN by, and that the new issue is already being read and enjoyed by so many of you out there… it appears that you like to hear about things airsoft both old and new, and appreciate the effort that goes into our testing procedure especially… we’ll be talking about this in more detail is Issue 148 as a number of you have asked exactly how we do things to maintain parity and consistency!

Thanks so much to everyone that has taken time to message us about Issue 147; we’re glad that you are enjoying it, and your messages and comments really makes our day… and week… and month!

As always things head on apace though, with a mixture of games being played, testing going on, and of course preparation for our upcoming roadtrip to Germany for IWA 2023! We are SO looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones, and Bill tells us that the “IWA Diary” is already 100% rammed! He told us that “Jimmy and I will be heading off on our roadtrip to Germany next Wednesday evening, and Jase is meeting us in Nuremberg on Thursday for a full three days of new and exciting airsoft… it’s gonna be EPIC! I am really looking forward to seeing some of my old freinds, especially those from the Far East who weren,t able to attend IWA last year due to the pandemic restrictions… that all seems so long ago now, and I for one am extremely happy that IWA will be back to full speed again this year… oh boy, have we got a LOT to see!”

Jimmy commented that “I have a lot of prep to do before IWA check, check and triple check! Washing, ironing, getting my haircut and beard trimmed… there may be some time left for a bit of airsoft but “show things” things need to get sorted first!”, and our latest AA Associate and video maestro Neil said that “I cannot wait! Looking forward to meeting the guys that I haven’t already met in the AA team!”

Elsewhere things are equally full-on as Stewbacca told us “This weekend is a long weekend for Peace Memorial Day (2/28), basically commemorating Taiwan’s version of the Easter Rising. So, of course we’ll be doing some shooting in our down time. Military Anny will once again be joining myself and Team TaiJi to do some CQB gaming and small unit tactics training at our Yangmei site, rounding off my reviewing of the recently released VFC MP5k classic model I have on loan from VPSC, as well as doing some filming with Duane of “I AM Airsoft” for a video review of it. Hopefully we’ll do a smaller private game somewhere on the Tuesday off as well. Good times. With good friends…”, and Larri is “heading to CQB as usual! As there is a venue about to have renovation, meanwhile we will try to enjoy the current layout!”

Miguel (pictured this week with his new Specna Arms J08 that’s undergoing review testing) is donning his “Generalissimo Hat” this weekend; he checked into our group chat to tell us “This Sunday we will be organizing Op. Puppet Master. A game where I’ll be commanding not one, not two, but 3 factions at the same time! Hence… The name Puppet Master! In this game, two factions will be competing for several objectives in the field, but always under my orders, there will also be an OpFor team making things a bit more difficult for everyone… of course it will all end with a good old BBQ!”

And looking forward as well, Dan chipped in from the USA, “It’s a week away from the first game of the year (for me, at least), so I will be prepping my guns and gear and making sure everything is up to snuff and passing chrono after sitting over the winter. I’ve also got a number of builds to get finished up for folks for said game too, so that will be getting taken care of over the remainder of this week and next.”

So, prepping, building and playing airsoft… the team are involved and engaged whichever way we look, and expect to see the fruits of their labours in coming issue of AA soon!

As usual at this time of the week though, we’ll wish you all the very best wherever you may be in this big old airsoft world of ours, and sign off with our usual mantra… Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!