Late last year the guys at VORSK called us to say that the working pre-production model of a 100% brand-new platform had arrived with them and asked if we would like to go up to their “skunkworks” to give it a try… what can we tell ya… we were there like a shot!

Fast forward to today and the news has just gone live that VORSK’s newest product for 2023 has launched, and given the knowledge we already have of the VMP-1 GBB SMG we’re probably as excited as they are!

As “Team Vorsk” say in their own words;

“Introducing the VMP-1, an entirely new Gas-Blow-Back SMG Airsoft platform designed and manufactured by VORSK.

The VORSK mission has always been to deliver new and innovative designs to the airsoft market, and it is through the launch of their first GBB SMG where the VORSK design ethos truly comes to light.

A “ground-up” design, the VMP-1 is the manifestation of ideas and concepts that until recently were confined to the VORSK design teams concept wall and it is with great pleasure that they now announce this totally original 6mm airsoft “replica” to the market.

The VMP-1 is a select-fire, Gas-Blow-Back SMG airsoft platform designed to be as at home in the CQB arena as it is on the skirmish field. Featuring a full polymer construction, this lightweight SMG delivers 48 rounds of gas-powered, full-auto fun per mag reload.”

As Bill put in his overview of the development of this striking new GBB SMG platform in his article that appears in the ISSUE I47 of Airsoft Action;

“Gassed up with V6 FUEL I finally, after nearly TWO YEARS got to put some BBs downrange with the VMP-1; all the passion, attention to detail, design changes and improvements, and sheer hard work from the VORSK team had led to this moment… and I WAS NOT disappointed! Okay, it was only a 10m or so range in the depths of the “skunkworks” but the VMP-1 went off like a jack-hammer and sent BBs straight into “centre mass”! There were no hang-ups, no misfeeds, nothing, nada… it just performed… accurately on semi, but when you cranked things up… OH BOY!

The VMP-1 will be hitting the stores soon, and I personally am delighted to have played a tiny part in bringing this particular airsoft dream to life! “Build it and they will come” has never been truer, and I can see the VMP-1 creating more airsoft dreams for many, many players in the future!”

And with IWA just mere days away we are SO looking forward to seeing the VMP-1 launched into the wild, and of course we’ll be reporting back on this during our time away at the show in Germany, and in our BIG IWA REPORT in ISSUE 148 on the 15th of March… watch this space, it’s gonna get REAL interesting!