Okay, while we’ve been away at the NAF there’s been a LOT going on, and one piece of news that’s already out there that we feel a need to comment on is the release of the Umarex/GHK collaboration on the latest licenced Glock 17!

Now we have to admit that is looks awesome, and knowing GHK it should be an ass-kicker, and the specs are certainly impressive!

Why is the Glock 17 so outstanding? Umarex have told us in their press-release that;

“Top-quality materials are one big reason. The most striking feature is the matt black CNC-machined steel slide with original markings. Thanks to optimized distribution of the propellant gas, this pistol delivers a particularly strong blowback effect. Players feel a stronger, more realistic recoil with every shot.

The Glock 17 is also superior when it comes to precision. The pistol is suitable for high-pressure gas up to 150 PSI and delivers constant performance with a maximum energy of 1 joule. Players have the advantage of an adjustable sight that is compatible with original accessories. The trigger’s let-off point can be clearly felt at 2.8 kg, and the shoot-up is adjustable.

With its weight of 660 g and authentic dimensions, the Glock 17 is a perfect counterpart to the real steel original and fits securely in all standard holsters. Also for realism, the black body of the 20-round magazine has a dummy loaded chamber indicator that is modeled on the original pistol. A speedloader is included.”

BUT… oh WOW, this is not cheap!!! We’re seeing prices from US$499 and have managed to track one down at UK£360, but that’s still a whole pile of moolah compared to existing prices! However, we believe there’s a bit of a giveaway in the Umarex description that may give an indication of why the price is as it is and that’s’

“the Glock 17 is a perfect counterpart to the real steel original…”

We’ve long been of the mind that the big firearms companies are slowly but surely realising that there is a BIG market for their “replica 6mm” products as training tools, and as we’ve already seen SIG take ownership of their 6mm offering and successfully have it adopted by government agencies as a “trainer”, it’s really no surprise that the mighty Glock may be following suit and have had a product developed to start filling that niche themselves, and the price may be indicative of this… only time will tell!

GHK certainly have a LOT resting on the new pistol, and we’re hoping that the new G17 will indeed be something rather special!