Continuing this weeks international flavour, slowly but surely things are finally moving forward in the world again, and we’re very pleased today to announce that we have a new Airsoft Action Legionnaire joining our merry band of shooters and looters around the globe!

Larri, who has been playing airsoft since 1995, is one of the original founders of “Umbrella Corp. Airsoft” in Hong Kong. He most enjoys playing the assault position, and in addition to playing airsoft, he has also edited over 300 AIRSOFT VIDEOS!

Larri tells us;

“Umbrella Corp. Airsoft (“UBCA”) is first and foremost, a close knit group of friends. Brothers and sisters. UBCA aims to promote airsoft CQB in Hong Kong and overseas through our unique blend of speedsoft and traditional MilSim play-style. UBCA is based in Hong Kong and was formed in 2011, and since inception, UBCA has held and organized games every weekend in “normal times” and now we’re getting back to it again!”

We’re extremely pleased to welcome him to the “AA Familia”, and we’re definitely looking forward to featuring some in-depth and interesting reports from the HK airsoft community, starting in Issue 139!

If you have a story to tell from your own country and community, please feel free to contact Bill and let him know, we’d love to hear from you and perhaps YOU can be the next airsofter to become an AA Legionnaire… LEGION STRONG!