We do hope that you’ve enjoyed our “Something for the Weekend” series of posts, as we’ve tried each week during lockdown to give you a project or skill to work on whilst games and events have been absent…

With things beginning to return to “normal”, and we’ll be talking about our own experiences of “First Game Back” in the next monthly issue, not only in the UK but around the globe, though it’s time to get fully back to business as usual, and we thought we’d mark the occasion by sharing out the new 2021 Catalogue from Specna Arms!

As anyone who reads our daily posts here on the web news will know, Specna Arms are another great manufacturer that have been putting in the hours during the global pandemic not just to keep things rolling but, in fact, to develop some brilliant new models – and if the information in this catalogue is anything to go by, then we believe you’ll agree that we have A LOT to look forward to in the coming year from Specna Arms!

We hope that you’ll all enjoy the catalogue every bit as much as us and we’ll be reporting in depth on more “new directions” soon!

For now, wherever you may be in this wonderful wide world of airsoft, have a great weekend!

If you want to find out more, check out Specna Arms’ website: Specna Arms and Social Media channels on Facebook and Instagram.