Eye protection is one of the most important aspects of safety no matter what you shoot, so you need “eyepro” models that offer the highest levels of performance and protection! Cheap eye protection is a false economy in virtually every respect we can think of, but luckily these days we have a wealth of manufacturers to choose from when it comes to protecting those all-important “Eyes and Ears” as shooters say, and testing for such products is rightly amongst the most stringent out there!

With this in mind it’s always refreshing to see airsoft companies taking player safety very seriously indeed, and the guys over at NUPROL have just dropped an update on their eyepro range that goes into some real detail. They say;

“One of your biggest assets is your face, and an Airsoft Field can be a dangerous place for you to stick your head out. All the reason to invest in some quality Eye and Face Protection to keep the old ‘kisser’ looking fresh and ready for that important engagement away from the field.

Our range has a style to suit everyone from glasses to goggles, with the ability to even be able to wear your prescription glasses/ lenses under your eye protection.

All our lenses are EN166 rated with and impact rating of B, which is the European standard for protection. This means our lenses can withstand an impact from 0.86g ball up to speeds of 120m/s (400fps), which is more than enough for the airsoft field and beyond. The lenses have also had a scratch-resistant & anti-fog treatment to keep them in top condition for longer. An added feature is that all our lenses come with UV400 protection to help keep your eyes safe from UV rays.  

The lenses are fitted to a flexible impact resistant polymer frame along with an adjustable elastic headband, so you can be sure you’ll get a great fit. With a choice of lens colours to suit your environment; clear lenses for use indoors or outdoors, smoked lenses for bright sunny days, and a yellow lens for an overcast day, to help your eyes on the prize!”

They then go into detail on the models that they offer (check it out HERE, the  cool “BATTLE PRO” model is shown in our header image) so you can be certain that you’re getting exactly what you need.

This is great information, and exactly the level of open-ness and commitment to player safety we expect from our UK home-grown, market-leading manufacturers… well done NUPROL, more of the same please!