Busy, busy, that’s the AA LEGION and it’s been another great week at AAHQ as we prepare to drop ISSUE 163 tomorrow!

There’s always a bit of tension in the office as we approach a new issue upload as we want to ensure that what we lay before you all, our airsoft friends, comrades, and industry partners all over the world, is the best it can be… there’s no half-measures when it comes to the way we all play, so the same HAS to be true of what we create each and every month.

And although you may think that we all stop and goof off a bit when a new issue goes live, that’s far from the truth as we’re already looking at the next issue, what needs testing, what needs MORE testing, and what plans we ourselves have for the coming months that we can transform into interesting and entertaining content… it NEVER STOPS to be honest!

And as an illustration of this, although it’s FATHER’S DAY coming up, and those of the crew with families are taking some time to enjoy this (and we wish all the very best to all the Dads out there!), it’s still a case of “airsoft business as usual”!

Miguel told us “this Sunday we are going to one of our fields with another team and member of the Airsoft Girls community, we’re testing out a game module for an upcoming event…” and Stewbacca (although facing another FB ban for posting airsoft content!) managed to tell us that “a smaller group of Team Taiji will be venturing north to the disused factory site, also introducing some new people to it all in the process! I’ll be rounding off some photo work with next issue’s exciting cover model while wearing some kit from the other lovely people another of my article’s will focus on. … maybe I’ll blast some “Full Metal Jacket” soundtrack for effect in the shattered remains of the factory…”

Ben (pictured this week with his fave “old painless” in Juggernaut mode!) said “so this weekend I’m a busy lad, what with my daughters 18th Saturday, and Father’s Day too! I’ve also got me a load of footage to edit through from last Sundays game; I dusted off the Juggernaut and minigun and lietrally had a blast!”

Downtime continues as Dan told the crew “busy weekend for me as well! The oldest has graduated Kindergarten, so we will be doing a little camping trip this weekend for him, then Father’s Day on Sunday. Our local “D-Day” game is fast approaching next weekend though, so I still have a few builds to get squared away in anticipation of that…. never enough time in the day, it seems.” Jase though put things even more concisely still as he shared that “Father’s Day, lol… so I’ll be doing f-all!”

Our newest AA LEGION member Rich said “No games planned, but hopefully this weekend I’ll be finishing off the new version of my trip-mine for test and possible use at a BattleSim at the end of the month…” and Boycie shared “I’m starting the write up on a couple of articles; lots to do and fit in. I’ll also be digging through my old airsoft kit as need to clear out a few bits…”

To round off this week Bill told the group in our regular end-of-week chat “Phew! That’s me done on the writing and editing front with ISSUE 163 complete, so it’s time for some rangetime as I have a whole bunch of M16s and XM177s to work through… yup, for next month we’re all working on something retro and rather splendid, so it’s time to break out the “old skool” stuff! The weather looks to be properly BST though, but as the saying goes, if it ain’t raining we ain’t training, right?”

So that wraps things up from us for another week, and we hope that you’ll be having just as much airsoft fun as us! If you’re on the range or in the workshop make the most of every moment, and if you’re out playing then as always Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!