It’s Wednesday so it must be RANGETIME once again, and this morning bright and early Bill was on the range in THE PIT with Marcus again to continue testing on the F1 FIREARMS BSF-19 that we talked about right at the beginning of this new year!

This collaboration between EMG ARMS and APS/Hakkotsu really seems to be making the most of the EMG licences secured from real firearms manufacturers in the USA, and this latest pistol model is not only unique in appearance, but something quite different (in a good way!) based as it is on the real-deal from F1 Firearms!

We’ll go into far more detail on the BSF-19 in the FEBRUARY ISSUE in a couple of weeks time, but thanks to iWholesales in the UK we’ve had the green gas model for testing, and even before we got it to the range it became much appreciated by all in the team that got “hands-on” when it arrived with us. The features are 100% righteous;

High quality replica fully licensed by F-1 Firearms
Metal slide AND frame!
Deep engraved trademarks
Specially-designed slide cuts to reduce weight and assist with operation
Spiral-cut outer barrel offers lighter weight and a distinct look
Optics ready design to accept RMR-footprint red dot sights
Extended-style magazine makes reloads quick and easy
Frame-mounted rail allows for the attachment of lights, lasers, and other standard 20mm RIS accessories
Includes 11mm positive (CW) to 14mm negative (CCW) adapter

Bill told us;

“Down in THE PIT at All Ages this morning it was (again!) a really chilly start, but powered by a rather lovely bacon sarnie (me!) and green gas (the pistol!) it was business as usual, especially as Marcus has now installed a wee fan-heater to keep ou test mags at a decent temperature!

We are both impressed by the build quality of the BSF-19; from the box it was a little overgreased (which of course doesn’t help in cold conditions!) so a little bit of a clean-up and a careful application of MAGLUBE will pay dividends. However, we both loved the sheer heft of the pistol, and the smoothness of the trigger.

On the “short range” it performed very nicely indeed, the blowback thumping and just a slight offset needed to be “in the black” time and again… in fact the very first BB downrange nailed the Centre X, and the pistol continued to put BBs on target consistently with no issues to report thus far.

This is most certainly a unique model, and the MCBLK finish is definitely striking… so, it shoots well, and looks good… with final testing to do at the weekend on the longer range I’ll be ready to report back in full soon!”