Over the past few months we’ve been told time and again that a new LEE ENFIELD bolt action rifle will be on the way from S&T, but as yet we are still waiting!

However, it looks as if this project is moving closer and closer to fruition with the release of a video thanks to AOG Taiwan who have created a product highlight for S&T’s Lee Enfield No. 1 Mk III* Rifle with Real Wood!

Operating details are still a little unclear, but the video does show us a power level of 110/120 m/s on a .20g which equates iro of 400fps at the higher end, exactly what we’ve been hoping to see! Other details now drip-fed out include:

– Innovative Alloy Black oxide Finishing
– Real Wood Main Body
– The rear hammer action like real
– We use iron to make the cylinder bolt more durable under pressure.
– Dummy bolt ejector make the bolt more realistic
– New Hop-up Design. Increase Shooting Accuracy.
– Custom built classic screws

On the face of it this is looking MIGHTY enticing, and we’re certain that potential collectors and historically-themed players will be drooling just a little right now! We have been promised one of these for testing just as soon as they arrive in the UK, so keep your eyes peeled…