We’ve been talking a lot about all the latest AEGs and GBBs recently, but what’s a good primary or secondary without all those lovely accessories?

Thankfully our good mates at Land Warrior Airsoft have been in touch to let us know that they are fully restocked now with lots of accessory coolness, and in their usual style they told us:

“Leaves cover the ground, the smell of Pumpkin Spice still fills the air, people are wearing masks and eating copious amounts of sweets… wait, they’ve been doing that for 18 months now!

Glocktober is over, meaning the nights are getting longer, and Airsoft Games in the dark are back on the menu! Are you in need of lights, IR lasers, tracers or tracer BB’s? We got you covered!

From the top of the light offerings from Streamlight, such as their TLR-1 Pistol Light to their RM1 Tactical Rifle Light, to more budget-friendly options from Nuprol and WADSN, which including options for both pistols and rifles, lights and lasers, and of course a variety of tracer BB’s with different colours and weights, plus the Tracer Units needed to illuminate them! Perfect for lighting up the night!

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