ActionSportGames (ASG) have been teasing us with new things, and as much as we love their recent spring-rifle releases on the AEG front it does still seem to be “more of the same” when it comes to their AEG offerings… it’s STILL all about the EVO…

Most recently they’ve been continuing to talk about their EVO with some new improvements slated for 2022, and finally they’re talking specifically about the CNC and BOOST versions of this popular SMG platform! Indeed, they’ve now told us all about what makes these new models quite so special.

“Put quite simply, the BOOST and CNC editions are pre-upgraded to two particular performance points. The BOOST enhances the already formidable ‘out the box’ performance of this Danish-built legend with a handful of specially selected upgraded components while the CNC edition replaces almost all internal components with the very best in high quality Ultimate upgrades that ASG can supply. Both models are skillfully assembled by an expert team of technicians at our Danish production plant and both models will only be available as a limited and highly collectible run– when they are gone, they’re gone!”

So, with that loose overview we’d advise you to see exactly what you’ll get inside each special edition EVO by checking out their full Blog article HERE, but it would seem that it will largely be upgrades that we know many existing EVO owners have already carried out themselves.

If we’re wrong then please do let us know ASG and we’ll happily publish what you tell us!