We know it’s not everybodies “cup of joe” but we just heard from our very good friends over at ICS Airsoft that the HERA ARMS CQR is back and available now for pre-order! They told us:

“The Hera Arms CQR is back! After months of effort, ICS finally got a limited quantity of the Hera Arms authentic foregrip. We might not have another new batch after this batch runs out, so if you are interested in the Hera Arms CQR, please contact your local distributor or store to order!”

Hera Arms authorized laser engraving
Hera Arms authentic foregrip
CQR stock (for AEG)
ICS split gearbox & QD spring guide
Spring release function

This is a pretty timely release following the appearance of the CQR in the movie The Tomorrow War.

It’s interesting to note that the carbines shown being used by the volunteers that are sent forward in time are actually modified BCM carbines (NICE! WE LIKE!) with HERA ARMS CQR furniture. They are seen with a heap of different accessories that are pretty much all available in airsoft form, including Trijicon ACOG scopes, Trijicon SRO reflex sights in offset mounts, V Seven Helios linear compensators, Mission First Tactical 30-round magazines, and Inforce Gen2 WMLs.

These props were created by Xtreme Props and built from two different BCM rifle designs: The “MK III”, which has an 8″ barrel, and the “MK IV”, which has a 14.5″ barrel, but as the handguards are covered by BCM rail cover sections, it is not clear whether they are BCM KMR (KeyMod) or MCMR (M-LOK) rails.

So, if you fancy a bit of an “alternate future loadout” the HERA ARMS CQR might just be the choice of primary for you, and the movie also offers a number of different secondary options to back up the carbine!

Let us know if you’ve put together a loadout with a nod to the movie as we’d love to see some HERA ARMS CQR carbines in action! For now though check out the video created by ICS HERE!