For those that really feel the need to have more BBs at their disposal then once again G&G have listened, and have now announced that a 300BB Drum will soon be available for their ground-breaking SMC-9!

As we put together a look at what G&G have achieved with their G2 Program for the upcoming issue on 15 October, they dropped us a line to let us know about this latest addition to the SMC-9 “familia”;

“The long-awaited drum magazine for the SMC-9 is almost here! The SMC-9 Drum Magazine is green gas-powered and is compatible with any GTP 9 GBB Series Pistol too. The large 300 round capacity keeps you longer in the fight without the need for constant reloading, and the gas reservoir is designed to fire to the last shot.”

Now this REALLY puts the SMC-9 firmly into skirmish territory, and for us shows that a decent gas platform can be a great choice for your primary, whatever style of player you may be!

G&G also tell us that the new Drum Mag will be available for pre-order soon, so have a chat with your local retailer if you fancy one of these, as we’re certain that the initial stock will sell out FAST!