In Issue 119 of Airsoft Action (October 15th) we’re going to start our look at GOOD GEAR TO GO for the colder weather months, and we’ll be supplementing this with a highlight on tried and tested clothing models worn by the team here on the website too!

As those colder gamedays approach you may be looking out for something to add some extra needed warmth or protection either in play or indeed for wear in the Safe Zone; we’ve all had that unpleasant feeling, coming back from some full-on gameplay where you’re stoked and running a head of steam, only to get back to the Safe Zone at lunchtime and feel the chill creeping in, haven’t we?

One item that’s a firm favourite with some of the AA Crew (and something Bill has owned for over TEN years!) is the PATRIOT JACKET from Helikon-Tex.

This warm, comfortable and sturdy heavy fleece jacket features quality double superfine fleece, a high collar integrated with a hood and a strong full-front zipper, which can be fastened to the neck, a as well as reinforced Cordura material on the backs of the sleeves for when you hit prone.

It benefits from two generous chest pockets, upper pockets on each sleeve with velcro panels, and one lower pocket on the left sleeve, along with a large “poacher pocket” on the lower back that’s still accessible under many plate carriers. All pockets are zipper-closed so you don’t lose important items on the go, and the jacket also features armpit ventilation zippers for core-temperature-control, adjustable velcro wrist cuffs and a drawstring waistband with cord lock.

Double Superfine Fleece 390g/m²
High collar with hood
2 chest pockets
3 sleeve pockets
1 large pocket on the lower back
Velcro panels on each arm
Ventilated sleeves with underarm pit zipper
Velcro cuffs
Drawstring waistband with cord lock
Material: 100% Polyester

Designed to perform, and keep you more comfortable on those colder days, the PATRIOT is a superbly featured, heavyweight fleece that’s usable not only for airsoft, but for daily wear too, and it comes with our complete “tried and beasted” recommendation!

Available in multiple plain colours and a selection of camouflage patterns, you can pick one up direct from Helikon-Tex or from Military1st in the UK.