The guys at TAIWANGUN have been in touch with their latest updates, and among the new arrivals is something that’s attracted a lot of online chatter, the new CYMA AUTO-SHOTGUN!

The CM.102 is a full- auto AEG shotgun; okay it’s not the first that we’ve ever seen but it’s still exciting given the price! The new AEG benefits from a dedicated gearbox with THREE BARRELS, which allows you to fire THREE BBs at a time, and each barrel has a separately adjustable hop-up system so you can really dial things in for maximum effect!

Just like each of the models from the CYMA PLATINUM SERIES the workmanship looks to be excellent, and fitting of the constituent parts is sure to be right up there too. The upper receiver, M-LOK handguard, barrel, muzzle device, sights, sling attachment points, fire selector lever, charging handle and other features are made of alloy, whilst the lower receiver, pistol grip, butt and 100BB magazine are made of polymer.

If you fancy something a bit different, with heaps of character, then the CM.102 could well be the thing you’ve been waiting for! We’re definitely looking forward to getting one of these bad boys on the range to try as it just looks like a whole heap of devastating airsoft FUN!