DAY 2 of SHOT ’23 has drawn to a close, and it sounds like the AA CREW are feeling the pace with SO MUCH ground to cover, and SO MANY fabulous people to see!

Boycie checked in with their highlights and told us;

“Our feet are complaining just a tad… Bill did tell me to make sure that we wore good footwear and now I know why! The step counter on my phone read nearly 20,000 steps which equates to nearly 9.5 miles over 9 hours we were walking the floors of of the show!

But it’s all good as we visited a large number of booths/stands today including PTS, KWA, Redwolf, E&L, Arcturus, Agilite, Mantis, Cybergun, ASG, HK, Mossberg, Lancer Tactical and a good number of others on the way through to meetings. With so much ground to cover we each picked our stand-out item for the day, and then decided on a “winner” between us although it was a darn tough decision given the quantity and quality of new products that we saw!

My stand out product was the Agilite K-Zero Plate Carrier. As a part of the T&E group for Agilite, I’ve taken part in the development of a couple of pouches now and it was great to see them in person. Whilst it may just look like any other plate carrier there are some really useful features built into the rig. One particular feature is that to secure the cummerbund you can either use a velcro panel, or undo that and fit Agilite’s own version of the First Spear tubes.

For Li’l Stu, his stand out product was the E&L AK105-style AEG. “As an AK fan I thought this was the next best thing to the real thing which I have actually had the opportunity to fire (live). The balance was good, but the fit and finish was probably the best I have seen in the airsoft world. The attention to detail was outstanding”. On this platform Chris Yue explained that the new hop unit would move away from the arm-type we are most used to seeing and be replaced by one operating with a TDC hop adjustment.

Dan said that his stand out product of the day was the Arcturus X Perun which is a PP-19-01 Vityaz replica. In addition to beautifully replicated Zenitco Sport series rails and PT-1 stock, this also featured a true quick change spring guide, rotary chamber and the Perun ETU. The fit and finish of this model was absolutely superb and elevated it to the top of Dan’s future wish list!

After some discussion we decided that Dan’s Arcturus X Perun would take the top product of the day!”

More to come tomorrow, so be sure to check in and see what the AA Crew pick is for DAY 3!