ActionSportGames (ASG) today announced that they have joined forces with CL Project Design (CLPD) to manufacture FULLY LICENCED upgrade parts for their products!

CLPD is headed up by our good friend “Airsoft Surgeon” Clarence Lai, who is not only known for promoting Action Air, he also creates the most amazing, one-off pieces of “airsoft art”, where his attention to detail and quality is second to none – qualities that were very important for ASG in their decision to offer a licence to CLPD.

ASG are probably best known for the sublime CZ Scorpion EVO, however, they also produce a wide range of pistols, including the ever-popular CZ Shadow 2, an already excellent, competition grade pistol.

In launching CLPD, Clarence has already produced a large range of internal upgrades for the ASG CZ Shadow 2 and is currently working on producing his first fully licenced parts, the slide and lower frame (and you can be sure we will let you know when these are ready and bring you a full report in Airsoft action!). Internal upgrades are also available for the Dan Wesson range of revolvers and all these items will be available shortly as CLPD work to establish a network of global distributors and retailers.

Having worked closely with Clarence over the years, we cannot wait to see what else this joining of forces will produce in the future.