We do like a bit of CYMA as they generally provide great value for money, but recently they’ve been bringing out some models that you just won’t find anywhere else…

The latest one to take our OPFOR fancy is the CM.103A which very neatly replicates the innovative AK ALFA platform!

For those who haven’t come across this platform before the AK ALFA is a modernized version of the Kalashnikov designed by Israeli firearm accessory company CAA. Outside of the United States, the rifle is manufactured by and branded under Kalashnikov Israel, whilst in the United States, the rifle appears to be manufactured by and branded under Kalashnikov USA. Somewhat controversially Kalashnikov USA have noted the rifle’s Israeli design origins in their trade show communications, but have not specified CAA’s involvment. That said, sources have stated that the AK ALFA was planned to be manufactured in USA by a factory operated directly by the CAA through CAA USA… but hey, that’s firearm industry politics right there… and we’re here to talk about an airsoft replica!

The CM.103A (STANDARD version with polymer body) is a replica of that Israeli-American rifle, the military version with a SAFE/SEMI/AUTO fire modes, that has improved ergonomics and handling compared to standard AKs. The replica itself is another project resulting from the cooperation of CYMA with TAIWANGUN.COM, and what it does provide is a distinctly modern-take on the airsoft OPFOR favourite, and the new CYMA features;

16 inch external aluminum barrel, with a precision inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm
polymer handguard with Picatinny accessory rails
extended polymer upper receiver with Picatinny mounting rail for optics, laser or night vision
polymer lower receiver (as in the original rifle)
polymer folding retractable stock with an adjustable cheek rest
ambidextrous AR15-type safety selector levers
ambidextrous charging handle
ambidextrous magazine release
ergonomic polymer pistol grip
polymer folding sight set
polymer 7.62×39-size magazine with dummy cartridges visible in the mag window
dummy flash suppressor with a 14mm thread CCW
front and rear sling attachments

Inside it looks equally cool with the following;

reinforced hybrid gearbox frame with quick spring change system
full steel teeth polycarbonate piston
steel gear set
8mm bearings
CNC machined aluminum silent cylinder and piston head set (ball bearing piston head, double o-ring cylinder head)
ball bearing spring guide
hi-torque neodymium motor

The new AEG ships with a 200BB magazine, but looks to take AK magazines (we are still to confirm this…); it’s also one of the BLUE EDITION AEGs that as standard have a velocity of around 400fps so you may need to take advantage of TAIWANGUN’s downgrading service dependent on your country requirements.

Modern? You betcha! Quirky? Right enough! We like what we see!