It must be noted that there are “certain members” of the Airsoft Action crew that have “somewhat of an affinity” to OPFOR loadouts and the associated AEGs and GBBs!

Our good friend Chris Bravo over at the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog just dropped a great article in cooperation with their partner Kula Tactical on his “Top 3 Spetsnaz Loadouts” with some super reference pictures and full gear lists for an FSB Modern loadout, FSB ” old school” Gorka loadout, and Spetsnaz VDV loadout!

In his words;

“There are many possibilities to create yourself a Spetsnaz airsoft kit, but here is the best you can run for in term of realism and performances on the field. On that note, soldier, we wish you good luck for your next mission !”

Thanks to Chris for letting us share this, and you can check out the full article HERE