The end of the year is fast approaching – and what a year it’s been for Airsoft Action! We’ve settled now on 100 pages per issue and within that framework we will always have a great selection of airsoft reviews and articles on the very latest guns n’ gear for you to get your teeth into! But we don’t rush things and when we bring our reviews in to land they’re based on thorough range testing and in-game-use… after all, what’s the point of reviewing something that you’ve never used “in the wild”?

So what have we got for you in Issue 144? A whole heap of airsoft goodness is what! Kicking off with a look at the new AEGs from the HUNTSMAN TACTICAL brand at the entry/intermediate level, then punching up to the new SECUTOR ASTRA SHADOW for those who want a “556” with a bit more! There are two great GBB pistol reviews this month as Miguel introduces the SPECNA ARMS SAI BLU, whilst Bill goes “Full Wick” with his look at the EMG TTI 34!

Red Cell turn their attention fully to the MP5 with their views on “what am bestest” gnu” when it comes to this venerable model and to round out our platform coverage for Issue 144, Jimmy and Bill return to the ICS Mk18 two months in! Jimmy also gets stuck into the new PERUN mosfets in his tech-column to see what they offer for P90 and AUG users.

In terms of kit we delve into the background of KYDEX CUSTOMS, welcome our good friend and AA LEGION Associate, Chris from AMNB, with a brief on CONCAMO, plus Bill and Will get stuck into some wholesome rations in TOD.

But that’s not all, as the AA LEGION are REALLY moving things forward with some fabulous reports! In the UK Jimmy and Ben report back on their “practical adventures” close to home, whilst Marck returns to tell a story of airsoft in Okinnawa and Stewbacca lands a report on the rigors of a grueling MilSim in Taiwan.

We always try to have a little of something for everyone in Airsoft Action, so whatever YOUR favourite style of play may be we hope you’ll dive on in to see what’s new and recommended and what’s happening in the big wide world of AIRSOFT!

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