Let’s face it folks, one of the real joys of airsoft is that you can own just about any handgun (albeit a realistic replica thereof!) that you can think of! Whatever your style of play or personal shooting discipline may be, from out and out skirmishing to competitive shooting one thing that is a “must have” is a handgun. You may prefer revolvers for their “old skool” appeal, or be a massive fan of the venerable “1911”, or you may just love the idea of the handgun, but the bottom line is that every airsofter we know owns not just one, but a whole collection of handguns!

The latest RAVEN pistol models have proved to be a huge success and have delighted airsofters everywhere due to their performance from the box and their keen price; Bill has been using a RAVEN HI CAPA 4.3 on the range all this summer and his overview is:

“I recently addeded a RAVEN “HI CAPA 4.3” to my armoury as it’s just a jaw-droppingly simple yet effective design; whilst I’m not usually a 1911 man this one really took my eye, and has ended up being a superb addition to my handgun options. I’ve kept it absolutely, 100% stock from the box at 0.78 Joule/290FPS on a .20g RZR BB using NP2 gas, and it looks, feels and performs great, to me the perfect no-frills, get the job done fighting pistol. It’s proving to be no slouch when it comes to punching paper quickly and effeciently, and I can’t wait to get it out to a skirmish day to REALLY put it through its paces!”

The RAVEN HI CAPA 4.3 is already available from most good airsoft retailers (as is the 5.1 version) and you can have it with or without an RDS; check out the entire range of these excellent, well-priced GBB pistols HERE