Way, way back in ISSUE 123 (jeez, 2021 that was!) some may remember that we took a look at the AK BABY models from LCT AIRSOFT and Bill concluded that;

“The two models from LCT have proved to me again that this manufacturer is truly building some of the nicest AK-style AEGs out there right now, and each model I receive from them puts a big smile on my face. Both the classic “Baby” and the “TX Baby” come in at a solid price which for what you’re getting in terms of looks, materials, build quality, and performance makes them absolutely tremendous value for money. If you’re a dedicated CQB player then one of these cracking little Kalashnikovs should be on your shopping list…”

And now it looks like LCT are doing it all over again, creating a new, unique and thoroughly interesting “AK-variant” but this time one that makes use of all the latest tech they can offer, and is the accumulation of many years working with this venerable platform!

“Coming Soon”, the AK-MOE is an original design from LCT and is the most compact model in their AK series so far! Despite its, as LCT say, “adorable appearance”, it maintains all the modular possibilities for players to create their personal style; regulars will know that Stewbacca has been thoroughly documenting all the AK modular parts available from LCT, so that means there’s a superb amount of scope to create something that is 100% your own! It looks totally suitable for fast-paced CQB combat or even as a personal secondary weapon…

And the features look cool too!

  • Full steel stamped receiver.
  • M1913-compatible rear trunnion accepts your favourite stocks or QD sling mount options
  • Includes a standard trigger guard, allowing players to customize and use LCT AK series magazines and drum magazines
  • Compatible with 24mm CW flash hiders, silencers, tracers or other muzzle devices (handguard removal required)
  • Optional scope rail (ZB_18) can be attached for mounting optical sights

This looks like a whole heap of airsoft-fun to us, and it’s certainly something that we’d love to add to our own OPFOR armoury!

Can’t wait to learn more about it and its release date? Please stay tuned to the LCT official website and their social media for all updates!